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    Our process is very simple. You will be disputing reporting law…..not whether or not an account is yours or not……..but whether or not the credit bureaus have that “verifiable proof” they are required by law to have on that account to report it. So this is NEVER about what type of negative account you challenge… simply have a right to receive a copy of the Original Creditor’s Documentation. When you request that same verifiable proof from the creditor…..they usually comply very quickly and will oftentimes fax or mail you a copy of your account application/history within 24 hours. That is fine…..but the creditor does not own the credit bureau report……the credit bureaus do! The credit bureaus are required to have a copy of that same verifiable proof. They are the agencies reporting your information to underwriters and Loan Officers….and banks and so forth. Under the Federal law…..they need to provide you a copy of verifiable documentation if it is requested by you, the consumer. OUR Customers have NEVER RECEIVED a single copy of verifiable proof on a single account they have challenged…….NEVER! The Credit Bureaus do not have them on file! IF OUR INTERPRETATION OF THIS LAW WERE WRONG…..IT WOULDN’T WORK…….THE CREDIT BUREAUS WOULDN’T DELETE OR CHANGE ANY ACCOUNT IF VERIFIABLE, ACCURATE, UP-T0-DATE INFORMATION WERE PRESENT.
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    The following is a brief look at the step by step approach (The details for these steps follow) that CSA will use to help you accomplish your credit profile goals:  Sign-up with the Credit Score Academy (CSA) and we send you a welcome packet with an instruction letter attached to an email.  24 to 48 hours later, if you want to use our free ProRemovalSystem…….WE NEED YOUR CREDIT REPORT……..  Next, acquire copy of your Free Credit Report at .  Send Credit Report to CSA at GoodCred[email protected] .  CSA sends dispute letters to you for your approval and signature.  You double check letters for mistakes.  Make 3 copies of your ID. (Drivers license, SS Card, Utility bill, W-2, etc.)  Send the signed letters and ID to the credit bureaus.  Do not apply for additional credit. Pay current bills on time.  In two to three weeks you will start to receive acknowledgement letters.
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     Forward acknowledgement letters to CSA.  If needed, CSA will send response letters to you for your signature to send to credit bureaus.  In two to three more weeks you will start to receive “Results” letters.  The simplest, but most important step in our process. Forward “results” letters to us.  CSA sends reply letters to “result” letters to you for you signature and forwarding to credit bureaus.  As needed, we go to work to get the “stubborn” items removed from your report.  We start using our 45 day no-response letters as needed with your assistance.
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     Send that credit report to CSA ASAP.  We will analyze the report and we will draft the appropriate dispute letters and send them to you (email or snail mail) so that you can add your signature. (Please be aware that only 22 negative items can be disputed at any one time [per bureau] so...up to 22 derogatory items can be documented on each of the dispute letters we send to you with the appropriate address on each letter for the credit bureau that letter needs to be sent to.)  Immediately after you receive the dispute letters, double check ALL of your personal information on them. Should you find any errors, please let us know immediately and we will make the necessary corrections and email or mail corrected copies to you. (FYI – Account numbers may have partial numbers ONLY! That’s fine...but do not edit the letters unless instructed to do so by us.)  You will then need to make 3 copies of your Social Security Card and Drivers License for yourself and your spouse if he/she is involved in this dispute. If you do not have a copy of your social security card...make a copy of a pay stub or W-2 form showing your name and SSN on it. If that is not available, anything with your name and address on it will most likely work if that’s all you have. (Please Note: If your current mailing address is not on your ID or drivers license, you will need to have a copy of a utility bill or lease agreement with your name and address on it to include them with the dispute letters when you are ready to mail them to the credit bureaus.)  Now you will need to SIGN ALL 3 dispute letters...and enclose the signed letter with copies of your ID in an envelope and mail them to the address indicated in the upper left hand corner of each letter. You will want to send the letters “signature required” through the post office as proof of delivery to each of the credit bureaus.  Remember, during this time, while you and we are going through this process together, DO NOT APPLY for additional credit unless you have been instructed to do so by us. Also, UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, do not allow ANYONE to pull your credit as we work for you to get your goals accomplished. AND, if possible...PAY ALL OF YOUR BILLS ON TIME!  In about 2 to 3 weeks you should start receiving letters from each of the credit bureaus including possibly a copy of your credit report. (We will NOT receive copies of these letters. They only go to you!) These letters are simply “acknowledgement” letters notifying you that your case is under investigation. DO NOT MISTAKE these acknowledgement letters as proof that the credit agencies have “given in” and have or are removing the items you have disputed from your credit report.  Most of these acknowledgement letters do not require a response. However, YOU MUST FORWARD copies of these letters to our processing team, we will determine the necessity of responding to each letter.
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     If needed, CSA will send response letters to you for your signature to send to credit bureaus.  Next, 2 to 3 weeks after receiving your acknowledgement letters you will begin receiving the “Results of Investigation”, “Investigation Results”, or “Outcome of Investigation” letter from the credit bureaus; each bureau calls it something different.  This is the SIMPLEST, but most important step in our process!!!! WE NEED THAT CORRESPONDENCE as quickly as possible!!! DO NOT ignore these letters! Our processing team cannot proceed with your case without them! Forward “results” letters to us as soon as possible! Remember, we do not receive copies of any correspondence between you and the credit agencies. It’s at this point in the process where you will begin to totally understand why you’ve purchased our educational system. ANY TIME you receive ANY correspondence (even if you think it is verification of removal of unverifiable accounts from your report) from ANY credit bureau you must immediately forward it to us so that our processing team can analyze the information and determine if a response is necessary. We have a proven system of personal and proprietary responses that force the credit bureaus to remain focused on the Federal Laws that govern their industry. Experience has shown that they will gladly take your mind off of that fact because they know they have NO verifiable proof of the account information found on your credit report. WITHOUT YOUR HELP IN THIS CRUCIAL STEP OF THE PROCESS, your dispute will fail!  At this point, we will draft and send to you reply letters to the “results” letters you received from the credit agencies for your signature and you will need to send them to the credit agencies when needed.  Now, on those stubborn accounts that are still remaining on your report, this is where we really start to shine and separate ourselves from our competition. This is when we go the extra mile and put our time tested proprietary and personal responses to work for you. We don’t give up. Please know and remember that it’s almost impossible to get a 100% removal rate. Many times we can work on a specific unverifiable account that you would like to have removed from your report and are successful in accomplishing that goal, but we cannot guarantee that that will happen.  If, at anytime after you have sent any correspondence to a bureau that we have had you sign and send to them, and 45 days go by without a response from them, we must immediately be informed, so that we can start our next round of letters and once again, insure that you get the credit profile you deserve! The credit agencies are experts at using stall tactics and diverting attention. We will not allow that to happen.
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